Welcome to the TVNR 
Barn Owl web-cam

This joint initiative between Hen Harrier Action (HHA), the Scottish Raptor Study Group (SRSG) and The Langholm Initiative was originally planned as a live hen harrier nest-cam.


Unfortunately, the chosen nest failed before we could go live.  And although there are three other active hen harrier nests on the reserve, the joint decision was made not to deploy the camera on a second nest.


Instead, we have set up the camera overlooking one of the barn owl nest boxes where there are five owlets. 


Although quiet during the day, the box is a hive of activity overnight when the adults can be seen bringing back voles to feed the hungry chicks.


We recommend watching live or selecting the previous night’s footage from the menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen and scrolling back and forth between the action.