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Eskdale, hidden away between miles of rolling hills, is a community with heart. A former textile town, Langholm was known as the 'Muckle Toon' for its growing population and bustling mills. 

Those days have since passed, and continued decline of traditional industries in Eskdale since the 1980s have meant that our population has decimated and our local economy has suffered. 

That's where Langholm Initiative comes in. Formed in 1994 as a partnership between private and public sectors, we were a response to a post-industrial crisis. 

This was the beginning of a long history of success. As one of south Scotland's earliest development  trusts, we have led the way in facilitating projects that make a real, lasting difference to our area, some of which you can read about here.

We are the community anchor organisation for Eskdale, continually working to improve services and facilities for our area. By growing our networks and expanding our skills we have been able to achieve and succeed for the benefit of our community. 

We believe in the strength of partnership working, and having been ideally placed to deliver change for more than 20 years, we have relationships with the public, private and third sectors that stretch across the region and the country. 

For 25 years our projects have been improving the area, and the lives of people that live here. The Langholm Initiative is the link to the wider world, and by developing a network of useful contacts, and a skilled team of staff, we will continue to ensure that this is a great place to live, work and visit. You can read more about our past projects here.


If you live in DG13, DG14 or TD9 within the land area of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, you can become a community member of the Langholm Initiative for free. 

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