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Together, we did it... Again!!

Photo credit: Mark Hallam

Together, we have made history by successfully raising £2.2M to double the size of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve in what is the largest community land buy out in the South of Scotland.

The generosity of so many people locally, nationally and worldwide has been amazing. Our heartfelt thanks go to every donor, supporter and volunteer who helped us overcome what so often felt like impossible odds.

We could not have done this without the combined efforts of absolutely every single individual who has pitched in along this epic journey to ensure we arrived at this incredible milestone. Your messages of support have kept us going throughout and have meant so much.

In our closing days, thousands of pounds continued to pour into the public crowdfunder which was just totally incredible, there were significant donations of £300,000 from Alex Gerko, Founder of algorithmic trading firm XTX Markets, £100,000 from Anne Reece of the Reece Foundation, and £50,000 from John Muir Trust.

We are also so grateful to the Scottish Land Fund, Rewilding Britain, Dumfries and Galloway Regionwide Community Fund, our major private anonymous donor as well as the thousands of public donors through Go Fund me and community fundraisers who have all helped us to ‘repeat the impossible’.

Together, we secured our second stage buy-out in just 9 months, you are all amazing!!

This is a truly historic result for the community now and for future generations. We also hope our story will inspire other community-led nature recovery projects across Scotland and beyond. We know that communities can be powerful forces for positive change and we are living proof.

The community owned Tarras Valley Nature Reserve will soon span a total of 10,500 acres. This is where the hard work really begins, we’re ready for it and we are so excited. We can’t wait to welcome you here!

Thankyou for everything you have done to help make this historic achievement possible. Here’s to a very bright and hopeful new chapter.

Picture courtesy of Laurie Campbell

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