Together, we did it. 

We have now launched the campaign to raise the funds to purchase a second 5,300 acres to double the size of our reserve. Find out more here -

In May 2019, we embarked on an attempt to buy part of the Langholm Moor and Tarras Valley, the largest community buyout the south of Scotland has ever seen. 
Thanks to a collective effort of volunteers, individuals, groups, agencies, the public and trusts, we’re delighted to announce that on the 31st October 2020, we achieved our fundraising target. 
The Langholm Initiaitve has come to an agreement with Buccleuch Estates to buy 5,200 acres of the Langholm Moor and Tarras Valley as well as six residential properties for £3.8m. This is option B, the southern area of the land for sale.  Discussions regarding the remaining 5,300 acres are ongoing. 
We are deeply grateful to everyone who helped this project succeed. This is an historic undertaking which has brought a truly special area of land into the ownership of the people who care enormously about it: our community.  
The journey hasn’t been easy, and we’ve learned valuable lessons along the way, but our robust business plan, ambitious vision for change and the support we’ve had from across the globe has and will continue to enable great things to happen in the area. 
This has been an effort driven by a passion for improving the world for the future. Almost 4,000 people generously donated to our crowdfunder and raised over £200,000. It is only through your support that we have been able to make this happen, and for that we say thank you. We’re sure we’ll make you proud of our endeavors at the new Tarras Valley Nature Reserve. 
We are, of course, hugely grateful to the following major funders for their keen support:

  • Scottish Land Fund

  • South of Scotland Enterprise

  • The Carman Family Foundation

  • The Bently Foundation

  • John Muir Trust

  • Garfield Weston Foundation

  • The Woodland Trust 

We are now proceeding to the legal work for the purchase to take place and the transfer will be completed by 31st January next year. As always, we’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening. 

If you have donated by Go Fund Me or any other way and think you might not have completed a Gift Aid form you can download one here and return it to us on 

We offered a number of rewards for donating, as seen on our GoFundMe page. The various levels and the rewards were:


Donations over £100 up to £400

Bronze: Name on a welcome sign at entry points to community-owned land (unless donation was made anonymously)

Donations over £400 up to £2,000

Silver: same as bronze plus a welcome pack and annual update pack for the first five years. A tree will also be planted in your name in our new native woodland. 

Donations over £2,000 up to £50,000

Gold: Same as previous two levels plus an invitation to a guided visit to the land.

Donations over £50,000

Platinum: Same as previous levels plus you will be invited to an annual dinner hosted in Langholm and attended by those working on the project.


You do not have to receive a reward. Please email us here if you do not wish to receive any further information from us. 

We will continue to update our website, Facebook page and Twitter account. However you can also keep up to the with the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve by subscribing to our newsletter here or becoming a member here.

A huge thank you once again for your incredible support!


Looking for information about our community buyout, including our business plan and frequently asked questions? Click the button below.