Picture courtesy of Laurie Campbell


We have a unique opportunity to create an ambitious legacy for the future. Langholm Moor, a special place populated with some of our rarest and most beautiful wildlife, could become a community-owned nature reserve - promoting positive climate action, community regeneration and small scale renewable energy.


This is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking community plans in the UK. We are at a crossroads in the climate emergency and the decisions we make now will have a massive impact for generations. 


​This land also holds huge cultural significance to local people who care passionately about its future.


But we need your help. After a careful joint valuation process we know the total cost of purchasing the land (10,500 acres or 5,600 football pitches) is just over £6m, or £4.2m for a smaller option of 5,200 acres. We have applied to the Scottish Land Fund for £3m and hope to raise an additional £3.4m. The Langholm Initiative are continuing to investigate a number of funding options which we hope will help us towards this figure.


We are delighted that the John Muir Trust has kick-started the fundraising by pledging £100,000 towards the purchase. This is a great start and the highest compliment for the plans put forward by the community.


​We can only do this if everyone is able to pitch in and give what they can. The benefits are clear for the environment, the community and our future. Will you join us in making sure this iconic area of Scotland's landscape is protected forever?