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Pulling the Threads Together is our investigation into the future of textiles in Langholm. 


From July 2018 to March 2019, the Langholm Initiative embarked on a LEADER Dumfries and Galloway-funded co-operation development project with our fabulous friends at ReTweed in Eyemouth. 

The project looked at ReTweed's inspiring model of skills development and the feasibility of applying a similar model to meet the growing needs of industry in our community.  A number of study trips, training events and workshops gave our respective organisations an opportunity to get to know each other and devise a sustainable and worthwhile partnership moving forward.

The project concluded in March 2019, having built strong links across the south of Scotland in two similar communities striving for similar goals. The advent of the South of Scotland Economic Partnership and its subsequent Agency could mean important and exciting things for transregional co-operation, and we are delighted to be blazing that trail. 

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