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Self-led training links

We recently worked on a skills audit to identify areas that you could improve by undertaking some training. Keeping your skills updated and working on improving your work is something that we all do, and it's something that we can do almost 100% for free now with the Internet. 

Please see below some links to some helpful websites that offer free tutorials, articles and tasks for improving your confidence with different aspects of the job. It is important that you commit to this self-led training programme. Developing your ability to learn independently is a very important skill for work and life generally.


You can choose which areas you would like to do first or spend the most time on and you don't have to complete each of the individual training links. Find one that works best for you and go with it. It is imp[ortant that you try and complete as many of the subjects as you can (i.e., one each from different Office programmes.) 

Download the training records here.

Microsoft Word


Alison Training contains a number of useful tutorials for learning about Word including basics. Their basics course will get you nicely re-acquainted some of the critical functions. It may use out of date software but the principles are the same.


This is a basics course. I would suggest starting from section four if you feel comfortable with the very basics (fonts etc). The pages here are useful to refer back to as you progress using Word. 


There are a number of free tutorials and videos on YouTube for doing lots of different tasks using Microsoft Word. The video linked here will only scratch the surface of what you will need to know.


Microsoft offers tutorials for its programmes which will be up to date and accurate. You can also refer back to this at any time. 

Microsoft Excel


This website outlines the best free tutorials for everything you will need from Excel. You are encouraged to follow as many of these as possible.


Basic book-keeping for Excel tutorial. A very good opportunity to explore financial management skills.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic tutorials from Microsoft about PowerPoint

Use this information to inform you about design choices for PowerPoint and how to make a good design even better.

Task based tutorial from Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook


Basic tutorials from Microsoft about Outlook


How to set an out of office message using our system


The Seven Cs of communication are an effective tool to make sure you are communicating as well as you can. 

Microsoft Publisher


Microsoft offers video tutorials for some of the essential Publisher tools. 

Skills you need to know

Designing posters for events

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