Let's finish what we started!!

A race against time to double our nature reserve and build an ambitious legacy for nature, community and climate.

Our community here in Langholm, is setting out to “finish what we started” and double the size of our vast new nature reserve. We have launched the ambitious stage two of the biggest ever community buyout in the South of Scotland.

The Langholm Initiative aims to raise £2.2 million to buy 5,300 acres of Langholm Moor and 3 residential properties. This was the second area under the original sale that funding deadlines did not allow us to progress at the first stage buy-out.

This would increase the size of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve to 10,500 acres and boost plans for community regeneration, including nature-based tourism opportunities, alongside helping to fight the nature and climate emergencies.

The nature reserve was created earlier this year after our historic purchase of a similar-sized swathe of the wildlife-rich and culturally important land from Buccleuch, in a fundraising drive described as an “impossible dream”.

Together, with supporters from around the world, we made this dream a reality and we need your support again!

There is now a race against time to secure the additional 5,300 acres. The land will be kept off the open market for a very limited time, and the community needs to raise the funds by May 2022. Raising these funds means that the community will be able to restore this land into a wildlife rich haven, a vast legacy for future generations.

The Langholm Initiative have applied to the Scottish Land Fund and are in discussion with numerous other funders to raise the funds we need. We’re continuing to investigate a number of funding options which we hope will help us towards this figure.


We are delighted that a private donor has kick-started the fundraising by pledging £500,000 towards the purchase. This is a great start and the highest compliment for the work being done by the community following the first stage buy-out.


​We have seen the power of what can happen when people come together and we will only do this again if people are able to pitch in and give what they can.

Will you join us in making sure this iconic area of Scotland's landscape is protected forever?

Picture courtesy of Laurie Campbell