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We are a free membership organisation, accountable to the community members that support us. 

Joining The Langholm Initiative is free. We only ask that you are 16 or older and have either a DG13, DG14 or TD9 postcode within the land area of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve.


The members of our organisation are the ones that elect Board members at the AGM and are who we as an organisation are accountable to. If you want to join as an associate member (i.e., you support our work but you live outside the operating area) or a junior member (aged 12 - 15) you can still fill out the form below. Although this means that you can't vote at AGMs, it still demonstrates that you support our work.

Having the support of local people is absolutely crucial to what we do. We are what is known as a community development trust, meaning that we believe in community-led regeneration. Joining us as a member allows us to say to funders, partners and government agencies that we have the approval of our local people. It also allows you to have a say in what we do and how we do it. Our members are very important to us, and we'd love to see you join us.

Join us today!

Thanks for applying to join the Langholm Initiative. Your membership will be considered at the next Board meeting and we'll be in touch shortly afterward!


We try our hardest to be an eco-friendly organisation and so we'd love you to fill out the electronic form on this page. However, if you need to, there is a downloadable copy here. It's optimised for Microsoft Word, so you can email it to us rather than print it too!

Ways to give

We are a registered charity (SC041085) and we rely on generous donations and grants to enable us to continue our work. You can support us make Langholm and Eskdale a great place to live, work and visit by donating today.

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