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It's that time of year again. We can't quite believe it but the end of July is upon us and with it, of course, the last Friday that means so much to our community. It's that palpable atmosphere of excitement that breeds in the air throughout July and reaches a fever-pitch this week that really makes the whole event so special. A coming together of the community in a way that has to happen organically over centuries to feel so authentic. It's a culture so deeply ingrained in the mindsets of Langholm folk that the year is essentially split in two: Christmas and Common Riding. Our Common Riding is a deeply special time for a lot of people, and for many different reasons. The sights, th

A new dawn for Langholm Moor?

Langholm Moor is a special place. Everyone has their own memory of our moor. Their first harrier skydance, a triumphant gaze beyond the back of the monument, a summer barbecue tucked away at the back of Tarras. It is the home of some of Scotland's rarest and most diverse wildlife and perhaps our best-kept secret. The Langholm Initiative has been working for many years to build closer links between the community and the landscape. Our Moorland Education Projects and recent Wild Eskdale project has encouraged people of all ages to explore and understand this precious natural resource. Our passion for it is why we have secured investment over the years in continuing important education


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